Video: The Buyer Enablement Tool

Illustration of buyer enablement video.
The idea of "Buyer Enablement" is to make the buying process easier for buyers by providing the resources and information they need when they need it.

Gartner, the leading supplier of categories to the Information Technology Industry, has come out with a new one: Buyer Enablement Tools.  “Today’s buying journey isn’t just hard — it has reached a tipping point where it’s become nearly unnavigable without a significant amount of help,” according to Brent Adamson, principal executive advisor at Gartner. “Much […]

What kind of video do you need in sales communication?

Creating the 'eureka' moment that differentiates you from competitors is a challenge, especially late in the sales process. Tailored messaging is essential. Make the message easy to share with video.

“Are Salespeople Relevant to the Modern Buyer?” is the question posed in an article by Tamara Schenck about about  CSO Insights’ 2018 Buyer Preferences Study. At first glance, its results seem to say “Not really.” Most buyers only engage with salespeople after they have identified their needs. Many buyers have already identified a solution before engaging […]

Video for sales enablement

Prospects are hungry for different types of information late in the sales process. Sales enablement programs aim to make it easy to share the right content at the right time. Research shows that more of that content should be in the form of video for sales enablement.

When Gartner technology marketing analyst Todd Berkowitz evaluated his “10 Fearless Predictions for B2B Tech Sales and Marketing in 2017” at the end of the year, he decided that he had been “completely right” in predicting that “Tech Providers Will Pay Far More Attention to Sales Enablement.”   He deemed the prediction “Content Creation Will […]

Why you need new types of video: all marketing is consumer marketing

Both B2B and B2C sellers are increasingly competing on customer experience because their products are increasingly "commoditized." This calls for new types of video.

Is B2B to be B2C? That is the question. Marc Brown, who analyzes digital marketing strategy, trends and practices at Gartner, argues persuasively that the differences between B2B and B2C are are rapidly disappearing. This trend has important implications for sales and marketing video production, and for content marketing in general. And it supports the case […]

Conversational video content for sales enablement

Happy customer inspired by video content for sales enablement.
Video content for sales enablement needs to help salespeople create engagement by forwarding the conversation.

Vidyard recently published an infographic that maps types of video productions (explainers, product info, chalk talks, personalized, etc.) to the customer lifecycle and suggests appropriate levels of production values for each genre. It’s worth a look. But this “generic” approach to video is mostly geared to marketing content that is essentially promotional. I don’t think […]

Take advantage of these 2017 B2B Video Marketing Trends

2017 B2B Video Marketing Trends open up new opportunities for increasing customer engagement and improving the customer experience.
The trends in video open up a number of new moves to use video to create more customer engagement in 2017.

In a recent post I wrote about three B2B Video Marketing Trends I’ll be watching for in 2017. More conversational. Less advertorial. More formats More app-like Actually, I’ll be doing more than watching. I’ll be working with clients to find ways to take advantage of these B2B video marketing trends. All three lead toward more engagement […]

Explainer video production questions for subject matter experts

In explainer video production, subject matter expert interviews are an important resource.

Knowledge transfer is the aim of most of the videos we make. When you begin an explainer video production project, the “knowledge” you want your prospect to take on board resides in the minds of subject matter experts — salespeople, product managers, marketers and engineers. Some subject matter experts (e.g., salespeople) are invested in the […]

Chapterizing videos? Why aren’t you doing it?

What are your reasons for not chapterizing videos? Consider any of the following situations. #1. You are a new employee. Your Employee Orientation Package contains links to a number of webinar recordings, executive presentations, solution demos, and tutorials — several hours’ worth, say — that you are urged to watch to help you get oriented. […]

Why you should make interactive marketing videos

Educators and corporate trainers have been using “interactive” video for decades — at least, since the dawn of “Educational TV” — but it’s just now making its way into online sales engagement and content marketing. YouTube, Wistia, Hapyak, and Viewbix are among the services offering annotations and analytics. Learning management systems can be extended to marketing. And there […]