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Debut of our 2-Minute Explainer® brand in 2005. The headline still applies.

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Explaining Technology Solutions with Video

Tensor streaming processor

Radically innovative programmable processor for machine learning

Data center disaggregation

Optical switches enable reallocation of CPUs, GPUs, and storage resources at the speed of light.

Secure DevOps collaboration

Identity management solution that makes sure only authorized developers can make changes to applications in GIT and other repositories. 

Future-proof network

Ultra-fast Ethernet adapters to optimize networks

Provision Linux clusters in minutes

Deploy and manage Linux clusters for HPC from edge to core to cloud from a single console.

Network workload integration

Integrating big data jobs into core scheduling operations


Simplified campus networks

Managing campus network storage fabric from a single point of control

Why proxy security still rules

7 things CSOs need to know about securing web gateways against instrusion

Improving IT asset management

Agent-based and agent-less discovery of all software and hardware assets, licenses, versions, and automatic updates.

New Tools for large, complex, cross-platform applications

Onboard new developers faster with all the modern tools they need

Delivering software faster

Actionable metrics for data-driven decision making

Modernizing mainframe batch processing

Capturing tribal knowledge future mainframe management

"Ridiculously Simple" mainframe speedup

Reduce VSAM process time from two hours to 17 minutes with one line of code.

Manage cross-border transactions in real time

Data integration platform enables decision-makers to track any transaction that depends on time-based events.

The hidden security hole CIOs overlook

Preventing hackers with insider credentials from corrupting encrypted data.

What does automated mainframe testing look like?

It looks exactly the way true DevOps is supposed to look.

Let customers go passwordless now

Easy-to-use private key lets customers transact business faster and protects them from account takeover.

Managing millions of wi-fi hotspot links

Telcos need visibility into wi-fi access points like nobody else. Here’s how they do it.

Secure data and protect users by eliminating passwords

Hackers don’t break in — they log in.  80% of data breaches start with a password-based attack. 

A tale of two SCMs

Developers working on the same mission-critical mainframe applications can work with the tools they’re used to.

High performance network storage

Scale-out storage for scientific and technical computing

Cut cloud costs by optimizing resources

Dramatic cost savings achieved by optimizing cloud resource supply and demand through collaboration between  IT and Finance.  

Real-time customer experience management

Customer data integration across all touchpoints of the customer journey in real time.

What is an Internet Exchange?

Bypassing the public internet for secure high-performance connections to worldwide cloud providers

Get BLOBs out of Sharepoint

Reduce latency, optimize file management, make end-users happy.

Real-time streaming data

APIs that can deliver a competitive advantage by freeing developers from writing code  

Tools for citizen developers in government

Speedy application development in the cloud tailored to UK government agencies


Reducing latency for Microsoft Azure users

Bypassing public internet to reduce latency in Microsoft Azure Peering Service (MAPS) through Internet Exchange

Agile API lifecycle management platform

Delivering data to customer apps faster and more securely 

Process-modeling for citizen developers

Business process modeling simplified with easy-to-use online tools

Plug-n-play connections to 50+ cloud providers

Layer 2 connections bypassing the public Internet, with reliency and low latency covered by SLAs

Effortless real-time document protection

End-users can recover previous versions without downtime or loss of business

Healthcare patient engagement platform

Non-stop innovation and collaboration across diverse healthcare ecosystems

Automated insurance claims estimate processing

Software platform speeds the adjuster’s work and assures quality by automating estimate review processes. 

Insurance claims sophistication

The role of data integration in insurance claims processing.

Transforming the mobile RF filter supply chain

New opportunities for FABs and FABless manufacturers

A new role for ITSM:
Enterprise Service Management

Improving delivery of facilities management and security services to across the enterprise

Supply chain case studies

IT buyers talk about the value-added services that make an outstanding supplier.

Software updates and support for automotive farm equipment

Remote support for agricultural machinery and OTA software updates save a harvest


Accounts payable transformation

Turn a cost center into a revenue producer.

Factory Lean scheduling

Real-time signals sync production and scheduling

Anti-Fraud solution that hassles the fraudsters, not the customers

Retailers need to do all they can to prevent data loss. This technology helps block real fraudsters without harassing real customers.

Future of insurance claims

Balancing the data automation insurance carriers need with the services customers expect.

Integrated corporate financial ownership data

Automated access to ownership data makes it easier to provide ownership information required for Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliance. 

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