Frequently Asked Questions

How videos are produced. And what they cost.

What are the steps in your production process?

Project Research
  • Collateral review
  • Subject matter expert input
  • Messaging
  • Creative approach
  • Voiceover narration and/or character dialog
  • Description of on-screen action and text
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Storyboards illustrating style frames, animation, characters, titles
  • Script sent to professional voice actors for auditions
  • Unlimited revisions
Video Edit
  • Voiceover recording
  • Visuals
  • Music
  • Sound design
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Captions, transcript
  • Excerpts
  • Teasers
  • Chapterized versions

How much should I budget?

Video complexity$ per finished minute
Basic (e.g., simple 2D animation, recorded demo makeover; text-to-video)$1,500–$3,500
Moderately complex 2D animation/production$2,500–$5,000
Complex 2D Animation/3D animation$7,000 +++

What types of videos do you produce?

We’re best known for 2-Minute Explainer videos, but we produce all types of videos that explain enterprise technology solutions.

We can animate a diagram from a white paper, turn a blog post or a webinar into a breezy summary of its high points, punch up a software demo, or add graphics and animation to an executive presentation.

Can you incorporate live action video, like a product presentation?

Of course. We can use your original video or screencast, your iPhone photos or videos, or stock footage you supply. We can arrange on-site videography and interviews, too.

How much work is it for me?

We work hard to take up as little of your time as we can.

Who will I be working with?

The company’s principals, Bruce McKenzie and Lorna Pautzke.

How long does the video production process take?

Our collaborative and agile production process typically lasts 4–8 weeks. This includes turnaround times for approvals and edits at your end. Faster approvals = faster production.

Who writes the script?

We usually write the script in collaboration with our client. That’s the best way to sync-up the visuals, text, and narration to tell the story. 

Our “script” is like a screenplay, with detailed treatment of visual settings and action. It’s based on conversation with your team and your sales collateral. Typically, a screenplay will go through 3–5 drafts, but we’ll revise it until your team is satisfied with how it tells the story.

What is the storyboard process?

Storyboards show details of scenes, characters, and action that comply with company graphic standards. For higher-end projects, we provide style-frames that are, in effect, animation still frames.

Again, we’ll revise it until your team is satisfied with the look and feel. Once approved, significant changes to these scenes/characters required during the animation phase may result in additional charges.

How do I see the video as it progresses?

We’ll build the video in several sections. We’ll share it on a platform where you can give us feedback.

Who chooses and directs the voice talent?

We collaborate with you on this. 

For professional narration, we compile auditions from top voice actors reading the first few lines of your script. You select the narrator. We’ll direct the recording session — you can sit in, if you like.

For some projects, it’s acceptable — maybe advantageous —  to use an AI voice.

What about captions and transcripts?

We’ll provide English captions and transcripts in standard formats.

What if I want to make changes after the video is finished?

We’re always available to update videos with new graphics or messaging. Or you can make edits in-house using the software resource files we provide you when the project is complete.