What makes us different? We specialize in videos that illuminate enterprise technology solutions.

Helping customers “get” tech solutions

In 2004, we introduced the concept of “explainer” videos for tech companies for a simple reason: understanding what tech companies actually do by reading web pages is hard. Salespeople — and CEOs — we spoke with knew this. They relished the
idea of bringing customers up to speed quickly with an animated elevator pitch. We specialize in short videos that put across the business value of enterprise technology solutions.

What makes us different?

Unlike other video production companies, we specialize in technology solutions. We turn your ideas and messages into focused scripts that capture your best ideas with crisp narration and meaningful animation. We don’t oversimplify.

Working with your product marketing and technology subject matter experts, we quickly grasp your technology differentiators and make sure your customers can grasp them quickly, too.

The company has been the recipient of more than 50 creative awards — Hermes, Stevie, Marcom, and AVA Digital.

Meet the Technology Business Video “Differentiators”

Bruce McKenzie

Bruce has been a public broadcasting executive, and a Fortune 50 marketing executive. He founded Business Information Graphics, along with Lorna Pautzke, in 1986, with the objective of creating sales and marketing collateral that would enable people to quickly grasp the value of a product or service. After producing award-winning docudramas, CD-ROMs, executive presentations and many other kinds of business presentations, he originated the “2-Minute Explainer” in 2004. He holds degrees from Dartmouth (BA), Boston U. (MS, Broadcast Journalism), and Univ. of Dallas (MBA). 

Explainer video expert Lorna Pautzke

Lorna Pautzke

Lorna held various positions in product management and B2B market research at a Fortune 50 company before teaming up with Bruce McKenzie to found Business Information Graphics. In addition to an ability to identify business problems quickly and express them cogently, she brings a wealth of experience in project management, editorial meticulousness, and insightful customer care to every project. She holds degrees from SUNY-Geneseo (BA) and Adelphi University (MBA).