AI Video Talking Points for Your Next New Marketing Job Interview

The hottest job in corporate America is “Executive in Charge of AI” according to a recent New York Times headline. If the job is in marketing, then AI video is almost in the job description, if not in the title. And every interview conversation is almost certain to to turn to AI video. So, here are some […]

Selling To IT Using Video? How AI Can Help

Every technology buyer’s journey involves watching videos. If you’re involved in budgeting and producing those videos, you’re probably looking for ways AI can help. I think you can get the most out current AI solutions by looking at cost savings and ROI, not creative output. Who are the most effective users of AI for video? […]

Personalizing Videos with AI

Sixty-three percent of B2B technology buyers disregard content that is not personalized to their interests, needs, industry, or role. Interests and needs can vary widely across industries and roles. This makes producing “personalized” videos at scale a challenge. Which makes personalizing videos with AI worth investigating. AI makes repurposing videos more cost-effective. Repurposing clips from existing […]

How To Use AI To Organize Content And Accelerate The Customer Journey

More than 80% of today’s buying journey is driven by independent research and internal buying group discussions. Not only does that require companies to generate lots of digital content to help buying teams who are doing their own research, there also needs to be a better way to organize it so buyers can easily find […]

Unleashing The Power Of Video In Industry Trade Shows and Conferences

Even though buyers and sellers now prefer digital self-serve and remote human engagement over face-to-face interactions, industry conferences still offer matchless opportunities for networking, learning about innovative solutions, and fostering business growth. And they’re making a comeback. Event organizers plan to make 55% of their events in-person experiences in 2023 (up from 45% in 2022), according to […]

Using AI To Generate Video Text-to-Video

Like many professionals these days, I’ve been wondering how about artificial intelligence is working its way into fields where I use my intelligence. Since my company is frequently tasked with turning text — like case studies — into video, I decided to take a look at Pictory, an AI tool considered one of the best […]

What types of video speed up the customer journey?

Targeting the Tech Buying Team. Clickable button to explainer video describing how to target a software buying team (

Speeding up the customer journey sometimes looks like an iffy proposition. Gartner’s version of the modern customers journey below makes you wonder how it could ever be completed. Yet, businesses are demanding even  faster buying decisions for software purchases. If you agree that video is one of the fastest ways to move ideas forward, then […]

Take Advantage of 2023 Software Buying Trends

Gartner’s 2023 Global Software Buying Trends (free download with registration) touches on several issues that will interest sales and marketing teams looking for a competitive edge. Below, you’ll find some ideas for crafting videos to take advantage of these software buying trends. Top software buying trends: productivity, security Not surprisingly, improving productivity was the top […]

How virtual events can outperform in-person events

It’s now common wisdom that the big shift from in-person to on-screen sales engagement is here to stay. Virtual events can outperfrom even traditionally schmoozy get-togethers like trade shows and conferences  in important ways: more attendees greater flexibility to attend multiple sessions much lower production costs little or no T&E expense better audience analytics Still, […]

How LinkedIn Can Transform Your Video Strategy

More than 80% of B2B marketers think their lead-nurturing programs should be a lot better than they are, according to a recent Demand Gen Report survey. LinkedIn video is an opportunity many aren’t taking full advantage of.  The professional networking platform grew to 830 million users during the pandemic, and has continued to introduce new tools for […]