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Videos to support your high-value offer

A “High-Value Offer” is an interaction that’s hard for competitors to match.

The High-Value Offer is a customer interaction with so much business value that the buyer feels compelled to engage. It’s an account-based marketing concept recommended by Gartner for customer acquisition, too.

A high-value offer’s business value depends on

  • timely topics
  • meaningful discussion
  • a unique opportunity not readily available elsewhere — like the opportunity to explore solutions with your experts

One obvious difficulty here is that the high-value offer includes direct interaction with sales — something most buyers are working to avoid.

High-value offers can make a big difference in customer acquistion and ABM.

Also, coordinating your experts to focus on a prospect’s situation in an online meeting can be a challenge.

The role of video in crafting a high-value offer

Here are some ways you can use video to add value to your high-value offer.

  • A short video invitation highlighting the kinds of things you will demo, graphics you’ll discuss, and the expertise available.
  • Marketing video and demo excerpts. I don’t recommend showing marketing videos in online meetings, but you should assemble brief excerpts from recorded demos, webinars, and tutorials that fit your offer. An animated GIF can deliver a lot of information without looking sales-y.
  • Pre-recorded video messages. Your experts talk about a prospect’s specific pain points or relevant use cases and provide tailored recommendations.
  • Video follow-up. Post the recorded version (or excerpts) on your website and share links to key takeaways.

The value of a video library

Traditional videos — explainers, webinars, even customer testimonials — aren’t suited to the problem-solving interactivity that defines high-value offers. But they can help deliver a solid explanation visually.

Spend time examining your existing video library for material that can be repurposed to enliven online meetings.

Look for

  • problems addressed in software demos
  • use-cases and other anecdotes
  • quotes from thought-leadership videos
  • process or conceptual animations in explainer videos (edited)

The more effort you put into making it clear that you really value the buyer’s time, the more they will value your offer as time well-spent.

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