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Vimeo Enterprise: A new platform to manage video at scale

Vimeo Enterprise, a SaaS version of the 14-year-old ad-free platform popular with video creators and viewers, is launching soon, in a version aimed at making it easy for big companies to get the most out of their growing video libraries.

According to Vimeo’s CEO, Anjali Sud, “while there are a couple of small, niche enterprise video companies in the market, none offer anything close to the scale we have. Our security features and support services are more sophisticated and advanced to support large teams.”

Vimeo Enterprise account management, audience engagement

Vimeo Enterprise features include:

  • Secure single sign-on to streamline log-ins and account management
  • Branded private libraries, which are described in Vimeo’s press release as “a lovely home for your on-demand trainings, all-hands, and more.”
  • Analytics on engagement by employees, trainees, customers, prospects, and other viewers.
  • Dedicated support
  • Uptime SLAs
  • Access to Vimeo’s production team for live events
  • Live polling, Q&A, email capture

Basic collaboration

Large companies generally have a few stakeholders involved in any video production. Vimeo already provides basic reviewing and commenting tools to help subject matter experts, marketers and production teams work together. Right now, there are platforms such as Filestage (which we use here) that offer more robust versioning and client review capabilities. While Vimeo hasn’t announced any new collaboration features, it’s likely that customers will request and get them.

Vimeo interactive tools

Similarly, Vimeo already offers rudimentary interactive tools akin to the ones you get on YouTube. If you want higher-powered engagement — chapters, quizzes, shopping carts, personalization, deeper-dive graphics and other clickable options — you can look to third-party HTML5 players. HapYak, open-source h5p, and other prominent platforms integrate with Vimeo.

Vimeo Enterprise is worth a look

Most experts agree that it’s a good idea to upload videos to YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine. But making videos available on YouTube doesn’t preclude using another distribution platform as the primary host. Vimeo Enterprise should be a worthy contender. The company is streaming a live demo on October 1.


NOTE: A version of this post previously appeared on Biznology.

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