Take advantage of these 2017 B2B Video Marketing Trends

2017 B2B Video Marketing Trends open up new opportunities for increasing customer engagement and improving the customer experience.

In a recent post I wrote about three B2B Video Marketing Trends I’ll be watching for in 2017. More conversational. Less advertorial. More formats More app-like Actually, I’ll be doing more than watching. I’ll be working with clients to find ways to take advantage of these B2B video marketing trends. All three lead toward more engagement […]

Top explainer marketing videos work by reducing “cognitive load”

Why consider cognitive psychology’s theory of “cognitive load” when you are trying to produce top explainer marketing videos? We’re currently starting work on an overview video where the objective is to help re-position a well-established software brand. The company has crafted a positioning statement comprising a dozen discrete concepts that, taken together, convey what the […]

eLearning insights improve technology marketing videos

We’ve specialized in writing and producing short videos to support technology sales for many years. Now that we’ve entered the Age of Bite-Size Learning, we find that we can take advantage of learnings from the eLearning community to help sharpen our focus and develop new approaches. Light bulb moments Bite-size learning is analogous to high-intensity […]