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Make your online meeting video televisual

Findings from a recent report on lead-gen strategies from Ascend2:

  • Most marketers think their social media tactics are increasing the quality of leads
  • Most marketers are spending more on social media because of COVID-19
  • Most marketers regard video as the most effective type of content for lead-gen, followed by webinars, and live events/webinars

All these “most-effective” online content types feature moving pictures on a small screen — in other words, they’re all video. Looking at no-motion on the screen for any length of time makes most people antsy.  Consciously or not, viewers expect video to move — including online meeting video.  So, most webinars, especially those that feature software demos, could benefit from added motion, as well as editorial tightening-up.

Video content thrives on motion

Given the ongoing impracticality of “live” events and travel, companies are increasing their investment in webinars.

Here are three simple ways you can add motion to your webinars and online meeting video without spending too much of that investment:

  • Skip Intro. Spend as little time as possible on “housekeeping” details, presenter credentials, and agenda-setting. Most of this info will have been covered in the invitation package. Just summarize it on the title screen so you can get off to a quick start.
  • Use your webcam. Not all visuals are worth seeing in full-screen screen- share mode. In many instances, briefly holding a photo (or even a cue card) up to the camera while you talk, will feel more natural to viewers.
  • Use video clips. This can work especially well in software demos. Think of your demo as an illustrated story in several chapters. You’re the storyteller, and you want strong visual support for each chapter.

Plan how you’ll follow up

The key to digital selling is the asynchronous engagement that goes on after the online meeting. The online meeting video clips you prepare are going to come in very handy here, because your sales team can make them the subject of emails in a planned cadence. And they can be contextualized in other ways for sharing in social media, where video is the most effective scroll-stopper.

As companies invest more in webinars and similar productions for digital selling, viewers will come to expect higher production values in online meeting video. Good writing and editing will matter more than ever.

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