Videos to support your high-value offer

The High-Value Offer is a customer interaction with so much business value that the buyer feels compelled to engage. It’s an account-based marketing concept recommended by Gartner for customer acquisition, too. A high-value offer’s business value depends on timely topics meaningful discussion a unique opportunity not readily available elsewhere — like the opportunity to explore solutions […]

Reframing your demos as How-to video content

photo representing IT exec pondering how-to video content

I was surprised to learn from a Foundry (IDG) white paper on customer engagement [download link] that the average technology decision-maker spent 14.3 minutes watching each How-to video they viewed in 2022, up from 12.2 minutes in 2016. If you really want a technology buyer to spend time with your video, some of what you offer should be how-to […]

Selling To IT Using Video? How AI Can Help

Every technology buyer’s journey involves watching videos. If you’re involved in budgeting and producing those videos, you’re probably looking for ways AI can help. I think you can get the most out current AI solutions by looking at cost savings and ROI, not creative output. Who are the most effective users of AI for video? […]

Current AI video marketing trends

I asked Anthropic’s to help identify notable video trends in marketing to IT buyers using video in 2024. I was shocked when the list of trends came back with no of mention AI. When I suggested that an AI writing about the future of anything tech-related without mentioning AI seemed pretty weird, Claude answered […]

6 Tips for better video narrations

In developing marketing videos, we usually start with a script — that is, words on paper. This is a sensible and congenial way for technology marketers to work, since most of us spend a lot more time dealing with text in various forms than the do with video. Better-written scripts help assure better video narrations. […]

Video tactics for the modern B2B buying experience

Video tactics or video content? Thinking tactically about video for sales communication can lead to better sales-marketing collaboration.

A fascinating new research report by Forrester’s Laura Ramos finds that companies waste a ton of money on content that “buyers don’t want and sellers 
won’t use.” The survey of marketing decision-makers reveals that few of them think they have a complete understanding of exactly what content sales needs, although they recognize that the sales process […]

Plan video content by the numbers

The average sales process is 4.8 months, during which you'll need to reach 16 influencers, half of them from IT, half from the business. Think about how you differentiate your sales communications as you plan video content.

The first rule for keeping videos for IT decision-makers short, is “Don’t tell them what they already know, just tell them what they want to know.” Maybe that’s two rules, but enforcement is hard either way. It’s particularly hard to say what each person on a buying team starts out knowing or wants to know. […]

A video positioning statement? Why not?

This video positioning statement for Technology Business Video follows the tried-and-true formula used in most positioning statement documents. But images and motion graphics make it feel a lot less formulaic.

“Okay, I know what we are talking about. I get it.” That’s the only response you want to your positioning statement, according to Gartner research analyst Hank Barnes, who has conducted more than 1500 positioning reviews in the last five years. You don’t share your positioning statement? Neither had we. Neither do lots of companies. Positioning, […]