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Can B2B video improve conversions?

This illustration, part of an infographic from MarketingProfs, quotes a stat you see quoted frequently, which appears to originated in this white paper

This illustration, clipped from an  info graphic published by MarketingProfs, quotes a stat you see quoted frequently. It appears to have originated in this white paper.

We’ve been working with several clients recently who are trying to harness “the consumerization of IT” to improve IT performance — and it has me thinking about the degree to which videos used in B2B technology sales are like — or unlike — videos designed to get consumers to buy products. In particular, how relevant is “conversion” — a concept that is highly relevant in consumer marketing?

How much can B2B video improve conversions?

The oft-cited “86% improvement in conversions” stat appears to originate from this white paper about making video “accountable.”  A/B testing of “video on the front page” against “no-video on the front page”  was carried out for the online tutoring company TutorVista.  The date of the tests is not given, but somewhat surprisingly,  at this writing there is, in fact,  “no video on the front page” at TutorVista.

Another conversion success story (+32%) mentioned for this  securities trading platform. Prominent on the home page there is a highly professional animated video that clearly explains the company’s value proposition. It makes effective use of YouTube annotations to overlay notes, calls to action, and other links. (Not 100% effective, though. At this writing, YouTube annotations depend on Flash technology and do not play on iOS devices).  It’s not hard to see why this video converts viewers: at any time during the video you can click a big button to sign up for a free account.  

This short video is designed to speak to two “roles” in a large organization: HR executives involved in the selection of insurance carriers, and financial executives looking to achieve savings wherever they can. It’s tough to know when one of these folks is “converted” by watching a video. But there are several ways to measure success.


Why animated videos should be in your B2B video marketing plan

Why animated videos should be in your B2B video marketing planIs it better to have real people or animation in a video? Or both? Well, there’s no correct answer to that, and a lot depends on your goals, your needs and your budget.  However, if you are trying to communicate your solution’s value to prospects fast, and if you are trying to explain a complicated concept — then an animated video may be the best choice. Here are four reasons why you should consider creating animated videos to use with your sales and marketing efforts.

1. You can take things in a different direction fast

Why animated videos should be in your B2B video marketing plan

This is a revised version of a video animation of a graphic that appeared in this Gartner blog post.

In a previous blog post, I included a short video that added simple animation and narration to an interesting illustration that appeared in a Gartner blog on the B2B technology buying process. The Gartner analyst, Hank Barnes, whose illustration it was, and made this comment:

I think most of the team is at the same “place” in the overall flow  — versus some late in flow and some early . . . But their focus varies (as described) and they definitely move between streams.

So, I reworded part of the script, snipped out part, re-recorded one item, and worked with animator Tony Coccia to move some graphics around and change the animation flow. The new version took less than three hours to get online.