B2B video teams instead of committees

I was asked in a LinkedIn group discussion, “If you don’t use storyboards, how do you develop the finished product, particularly if a team is working on it?”

A creative process and a business process

B2B video is as much a business process as it is a creative process. Like many business processes today, there’s an ad hoc team on the case. Good teamwork comes about when everyone on the team is doing work they are good at. So I prefer a process that is as close as possible to WYSIWG, where everyone can respond based on what they know, not what they can envision (based on, say, storyboards).

B2B video teams

B2B videos are always a team effort. So it’s best to have a process that gets the most out of teamwork.

Who is on the team?

Teams we work with generally consist of one or two marketing execs, a product manager, and several subject matter experts (SMEs).


The collaborative process for creating video marketing content

The most important thing

According to a recent survey conducted in the LinkedIn B2B Technology Marketing Community,  the three most important elements of effective content are “audience relevance” (71%), “engaging and compelling storytelling” (56%) and “triggers a response/action” (56.7%).

The collaborative process for creating video marketing content

Source: 2013 B2B Content Marketing Trends Report
Request a copy here: http://www.slideshare.net/hschulze/b2b-content-marketing-trends-2013

These were the only categories more than half the marketers surveyed agreed upon. “Effectively delivers a message” got 40%, no other category scored over 25%.  Only 6% considered for “low cost” important — good news for B2B video producers like me.


B2B technology videos: explaining things that are hard to explain

Speeding the B2B technology buyer on his way
The value of video in speeding people on their technology-buying journey is simple: there’s no faster way for a person to pick up a high-level understanding of a subject that would otherwise take a lot of hard work to understand. Animated B2B videos, in particular, can make difficult subjects very approachable. With a B2B marketing video, you can dramatize the problem your solution addresses — and catch the attention of your most qualified prospects — very quickly. If you do present a problem dramatically, and the viewer is not familiar with the problem, chances are he wouldn’t turn out to be a qualified lead, anyway.

Exactly who in the business are you talking to?
So, the first step in explaining a solution that’s hard to explain is to define the audience as narrowly as possible. Settle on the most obvious problems they have in common. They should be those problems that almost go without saying, because those are the issues that are giving your best prospects sleepless nights.

It’s inbound marketing
Here’s a question we often ask our clients’ salespeople about things they include in their own sales pitch: “Doesn’t everyone you talk to already know this?”


To get business value, communicate business value in your video

Suppose you want to use a short (under 2 minutes) video to introduce a specific value proposition or product. How important is style? How much effort should go into showcasing your cool company and cool brand with cutting-edge graphics, dazzling animation, and offbeat narration? And how much to “education” facts, unfamiliar concepts, technology differentiators?

communicate business value in your video

Perfect balance is not necessary, but it’s important to remember how easy it is to go too far in either direction.

How cool should you be?

No-one wants to look uncool, of course. But I’m not persuaded that being cool is a significant differentiator in technology sales. Certainly, the people and companies we do business with are all pretty cool. There is also the matter of getting your money’s worth.

One way or another, creative talent (including in-house talent, and you) is paid by the hour. If your budget is, say $10,000, that’s 100 hours of creative talent at $100/hour. What percentage should be devoted to dazzling effects and transitions that maintain the momentum, but don’t convey any actual information?