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Make a better tech marketing explainer video. Start with a diagram.

In a previous blog post, I recommended diagramming the structure of your tech marketing explainer video using a tool built into Microsoft Office. That was about putting across all the essential messages. Another good way to come up with a story about a technology solution is to find the diagram that tells the story and extract what you need. By “the diagram” I mean the one that’s probably on Slide 9 of the sales deck or Page 6 of a white paper.

Making technical concepts visible

Diagrams of solution architectures, processes, even the vision behind a strategy, make a great starting point for developing a video. These illustrations — whether professionally created graphics or napkin sketches — are the distillation of hard thinking by bright people who know the subject. This is the best they can do.

A tech marketing video should not get bogged down in technical details — unless they are central to the messaging
The solution’s technical details are shown in this diagram. But most of them didn’t make it into the video below.

How you turn a diagram like the one shown here into a story depends on your storytelling purpose. In this case, the message about “DevOps style automation” is a key pillar of the messaging. But it the technical details are not central to the story here. The video on the left below is based on the diagram, but it shows where the benefits of DevOps apply, without showing how it works.


In the second video example, the technology being discussed is so new that, at the time the video was in production, no simplified diagram existed. That became our job. The result is shown here. There is considerable technical detail crammed into this 30 seconds.


Link to excerpt from tech marketing video that abstracts details from the diagram above.
This excerpt from a tech marketing video about a router solution focuses on benefits, not technical details
Link to video diagram developed technical aspects of solution architecture in explainer video
This video excerpt is filled with technical detail about the solution architecture. In this case, the diagram (not shown) was sketched (and revised many times) to guide the animator.

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