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Building video marketing content around ideas

We most often think of short videos in the context of outbound marketing as they are included in most product introduction packages. After all there’s no quicker way to communicate essential features, benefits and points of differentiation. But, what about using short B2B content marketing videos to change perceptions – instead of focusing on features and benefits.  Below, we show how two companies are building video marketing content around ideas.

Compuware Creates Videos for Featureless Technology Solutions

Not all technology solutions are products with features.

Sometimes the marketing task is to introduce an idea, or to get an existing customer to think about solutions in a different way. Compuware, a large (~$1B sales) U.S. software company, has been a top provider of tools for mainframes since the 1980s.

Now, Compuware is big in mobile solutions, application performance management, cloud computing, services, and lots more. The company now puts a good deal of effort into thought leadership campaigns. Their “thought leadership” video was designed to divert thoughts toward Compuware solutions and capabilities the viewer may not be aware of. Hence the diverting style.


This particular video saw its first use at Detroit’s OpenCo Business Conference and will find its way into many other venues and content collections as time goes by.