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Why your eNewsletter should link to videos

Why your eNewsletter should link to videos

Just about everyone considers newsletters an essential marketing tactic: they’re inexpensive to produce, and easy to distribute. Easy to segment, too. Integrating this tactic with your video tactics increases the impact of both.

This the third in a series about integrating video with your other email marketing tactics. Here is why your eNewsletter should link to videos

The word “video” in the subject line increases click rates by 65%

That’s according to a 2013 MarketingProfs study. This is good news for technology marketers, most of whom produce video, and few of whom can use “free delivery” — which scores 135% — in their email subject lines.

Video can make your call-to-action a no-brainer

Subscribers to eNewsletters vary greatly on where they are in the decision process — not just how much they know or care about you and your product or service, but also what they actually need. In any case, many will be very uncertain whether they should put any more time and effort into finding out what you can do for them.  Video in your eNewsletter can reduce that uncertainty, because viewing a short video is the most painless way to determine your own level of interest in something.

So, a video “trailer” for your webinar, or a video touting “five cool things you can do with our free thing-y” will certainly can turn that decision on whether to take the next step into a very easy decision. Then you should consider making it easy to act on that easy decision by  embedding the CTA right in the video window.

You can match video segmentation to email segmentation