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Creating marketing videos using eLearning techniques

marketing videos using elearningThis article describes how to create effective marketing videos using eLearning techniques. It’s reasonable to assume that viewers choose to watch technology marketing videos not to entertain themselves but, rather, to educate themselves. Like most adult learners, they are result-oriented and hope to learn something they can apply, on-the-job, right away.

I’ve been exploring tips and tricks shared among eLearning professionals, to look for ideas that will help us create more effective videos for our technology solution provider customers.

According to eLearning expert Dr. Joel Gardner, the fundamentals of instructional design haven’t really been improved upon since you learned how to add and subtract: Tell-Show-Do-Apply.

Here are some ways this model can help you create an explainer technology solution marketing video using eLearning tricks.

Tips for opening the video: the “Tell” strategy

According to Gardner, the first component of good instruction is the Tell strategy: you tell the learner what she’s going to learn.

This eLearning blog post suggests some effective ways to introduce new learning:

  • Use appropriate attention-grabbing techniques — a specific problem, a comparison, a memorable visual, a thought-provoking question, a clear contrast, a checklist
  • Tell learners how what they’re about to learn applies.
  • Refer to prior learning to link what you are about to teach to personal experiences.
  • Discovery learning: help learners discover and become aware of what they already know.