Should sales or marketing produce your videos?

Sales video or marketing video. If it's a video for sales engagement, who should take charge?

In an interesting blog post, guru-to-the-startups Rita Baker makes a strong case that, if your product or the needs of your market are complex, it is sales, not marketing, who should run the show. On that logic, since most tech solutions are designed to eliminate or hide complexity, the answer to the question “Should sales or marketing produce […]

Don’t miss out on this new kind of video for business development

Clickable objects make interactive video a much more engaging sales tool for business development

In tech companies, business development goes hand-in-hand with innovation. It’s about getting people to try something new, namely your tech solution. Usually, a video helps to launch a tech solution. Is that enough video for business development? Business development for technology solutions is often a drawn-out process where you’re trying to nurture a group of buyers. […]

Marketing video’s big fail. And how interactive web video succeeds.

The big fail with ordinary marketing videos is not generating click-throughs or customer data. Interactive web videos do both.

Explainer videos explain. Marketing videos create awareness. And then what? What do viewers actually do after they click the “Play” button?  Who knows? This is marketing video’s big fail — an impersonal user experience that captures no user data. The big opportunity is interactive web video. This used to be specialist technology. It didn’t really scale. It didn’t work on […]

Let’s stop talking about interactive video marketing

In a recent LinkedIn discussion of content marketing, a commenter noted that “there’s not a lot of demand” for interactive video marketing. That’s been my experience, too. Clients for our short videos get interested in call-to-action buttons, chapterizing long videos, even quizzes and branching, but they don’t follow up. Why marketers don’t do interactive video […]