“Socialize” your video content for tech buyers

Video content for tech buyers should recognize that most don't want to be marketed to. They are looking for ideas.

Most video content for tech buyers seems to ignore the fact that regular people spend more than 100,000,000 hours every day watching video on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg has said he expects that Facebook will soon be 100% video. In other words, video is a medium used for everyday social communication. That makes sense — it’s just another thing […]

Chapterizing videos? Why aren’t you doing it?

What are your reasons for not chapterizing videos? Consider any of the following situations. #1. You are a new employee. Your Employee Orientation Package contains links to a number of webinar recordings, executive presentations, solution demos, and tutorials — several hours’ worth, say — that you are urged to watch to help you get oriented. […]