What types of video speed up the customer journey?

Targeting the Tech Buying Team. Clickable button to explainer video describing how to target a software buying team (

Speeding up the customer journey sometimes looks like an iffy proposition. Gartner’s version of the modern customers journey below makes you wonder how it could ever be completed. Yet, businesses are demanding even  faster buying decisions for software purchases. If you agree that video is one of the fastest ways to move ideas forward, then […]

How virtual events can outperform in-person events

Virtual events are the new normal — but there's not reason they can't perform far above "the norm."

It’s now common wisdom that the big shift from in-person to on-screen sales engagement is here to stay. Virtual events can outperfrom even traditionally schmoozy get-togethers like trade shows and conferences  in important ways: more attendees greater flexibility to attend multiple sessions much lower production costs little or no T&E expense better audience analytics Still, […]

6 Tips for better video narrations

In developing marketing videos, we usually start with a script — that is, words on paper. This is a sensible and congenial way for technology marketers to work, since most of us spend a lot more time dealing with text in various forms than the do with video. Better-written scripts help assure better video narrations. […]

Testimonial Videos Made Simple


The ideal testimonial is a story about how someone like you solved a problem like yours. But good video testimonials are rare, despite their obvious value in an era of digital selling. Why? Because, however much they truly value a product or service, customers see little benefit in a not-entirely work-related project that will probably […]

Video Messaging for Customers and Colleagues

When was the last time you read an email that made you feel smarter? Or felt enlightened during an online meeting? The unexpected experience of a clear, concise explanation of something that matters to you is both rare and refreshing in the “new normal” online information environment. Crafting clear, concise emails is tedious work that […]

How To Combat Zoom Fatigue

They're everyday events, but online meetings will probably always be a mental challenge because of "nonverbal overload" and other factors beyond our control. Still, with you can reduce Zoom fatigue with a few TV tips.

Citibank’s CEO, Jane Fraser, made a splash with her last year announcement of Zoom-free Fridays for employees, “to combat the ‘Zoom fatigue’ that many of us feel.” This is no knock on Zoom, or online meeting software in general, which has proven to be remarkably effective during the pandemic. The problem isn’t software, it’s people. […]

Do a short videos need narration?

Short videos can tell stories without narration.

More show, less tell Have you given any thought to how much video these days gets watched without audio? More than you think, probably, because LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube all autoplay videos with no audio by default. Now consider the short videos you’ve created to explain and promote your products and services. If […]

How much Sales Communication is too much?

At the top of a recent article titled “Attitudes Toward Information Signal Buying Effectiveness,” Gartner analyst Hank Barnes billboards this alarming (if you’re involved in sales communication) headline “43% of Buyers Feel Strongly That Volume of Information Overwhelming” The feeling captured in the headline emerged in Gartner’s studies of how organizations with different psychographic profiles […]