5 questions you should ask about explainer video animation

The best explainer video animation may not need characters and don't need to be 100% animated.

“Animation” means breathing life into something. Explainer video animation is popular because just about any subject can be explained — without the need for actors, crews, and cameras. But what style of animation is best? Here are five must-ask questions to help guide your choice. What is the hook? If your video is chiefly about your brand, or […]

Why hire a pro to produce your tech solution marketing video?

Professionals with experience in creating tech solution marketing videos will employ an agile production process to deliver your video on time.

With so many DIY video tools and cheap production options for “explainer” or other type of tech solution marketing video, it’s reasonable to question the $5,000–$15,000 cost of a professional production studio. Here’s how professional specialists earn their fees. Viewer-friendly tech solution marketing video You’re involved in sales and marketing. That makes you an advocate […]

5 ways to make better technology videos than your competitors

Make better technology videos than your competitors — here are five ways 1.    Focus on the action you want the viewer to take Everyone knows a video should have a call-to-action. This is often defined in terms of clicks or conversions. But if you’re marketing a complex technology solution, the action you really want is […]

B2B technology videos: explaining things that are hard to explain

Speeding the B2B technology buyer on his way The value of video in speeding people on their technology-buying journey is simple: there’s no faster way for a person to pick up a high-level understanding of a subject that would otherwise take a lot of hard work to understand. Animated B2B videos, in particular, can make […]