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Selecting an explainer video production company

“Agility makes smaller agencies appealing” according to Gartner marketing expert Jay Wilson. Agile businesses want agency partners who are flexible, collaborative, and responsive. Here’s why you might want to demand these qualities when you’re selecting an explainer video production company.

1. You’re introducing a new product

New technology products are often in still in development — and the messaging is still being defined with feedback from customers — right up to the launch date. What do you do if you find that messages baked into your video script aren’t resonating? An agile explainer video production agency will take pride in their ability to come up with an effective way to work in the new hot button without busting the budget — and still deliver on time.

2. You haven’t written the script

Lots of explainer video companies offer fixed (sometimes astonishing low) prices, which they can do because they will simply put the message you deliver to them through standard production processes in standard styles.

But if you haven’t already written your story down in a way you’re sure will make a good video, the script will probably take more hours to write. The more technical your solution is, the more drafts it will take. You want a writer who is willing to create as many good drafts of the script as needed in order to come up with a video that comes across like a good conversation about a topic the viewer is keenly interested in.

3. There are lots of stakeholders involved in the explainer video production

An agile agency can help you balance and accommodate different points of view. How? They’re well accustomed to

making or changing their own processes to benefit their clients’ business — that’s what makes them agile. So they’ll suggest alternative production approaches, like splitting the video project into shorter videos, each focused on different key messages, or combining narration and visuals in different ways to accommodate new messages.

4. Your product is hard to differentiate

There’s lots of research showing “failure to differentiate” is costly for tech companies. If differentiation is the goal of your explainer video, you want an agile explainer video production company with experience in your industry. An agency with experience in your industry will be quick to zero in ways to turn your best points of differentiation into compelling video.

5. Your product is hard to explain

If your product or solution is hard to explain in words, chances are you need to explain it visually. The talking characters and motion graphics in cheap explainer may tell a story, but try turning off the sound. Is the video still a learning experience that makes you want to know more?

It takes an agile agency to create custom graphics that actually make things clear. They’re going to work hard to understand your business and your technology — because, without putting in that work, they won’t be able to come up with a good visual explanation. And, if your product is hard to explain in words, that’s what you should be paying for.

6. Selecting an explainer video production company? You want a partner, not a producer.

If you’re looking to get more from the video than a one-off explainer video, an agile company can make a big difference. They’ve got lots of experience with different approaches, and they’ll want help you succeed with new approaches like interactive video and video packages responsive to different interests on technology buying committees. If business agility matters to your company, it makes sense to partner with an agile explainer video production company.


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