Repurposing Demos to Reach More Buyers

Not everyone needs a full demo

If you sell software, buyers want to see what it can do for them. Probably not every cool feature. Probably not everything you think makes it great.

There’s a lot of video locked inside of recorded webinars that buyers aren’t getting a chance to see. We make it easy — and cost effective — to recover that video investment.

Why it makes a lot of sense to repurpose an online demo.

Here’s how we work

  • You send us a demo video
  • We write a script based on the presenter’s commentary and your target length for the video
  • We record the professional voiceover
  • We edit the video, adding graphics and animation

What sets us apart from most video producers is our extensive experience with tech solutions and editorial knowhow. We turn overly-long videos like webinars into one or more short videos ready to be widely shared with prospects.

Online demo of a troubleshooting process, and the same process edited and enhanced.

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