New Buyer’s Journey Videos

New Buyer's Journey Videos

Click image to view our 1 minute explainer on buyer journey videos.

I’ve been writing recently about videos for  the buyer’s journey. We tried to capture the essentials of these ideas in the video linked to the right. It’s under a minute long, so I won’t give away the plot except to say that targeting different interests on the buying team seems to us to be a best practice. Another best practice, with respect to any content published for people with short attention spans, is that you need to get to the point fast. Taken together, these  two best practices generate a third: multiple videos that appeal to different interests — from the start. We call this a video bundle.

Example: New buyer’s journey videos bundle for a sales enablement app

If your company uses SalesForce you’ll be interested in the video bundle supporting a new sales enablement app launched recently by our client JourneySales on the SalesForce AppExchange. The Journey Sales app transforms the familiar SalesForce reporting interface into user-friendly SmartRooms where salespeople can share content and engage with customers.

Being savvy about their own Buyer’s Journey, Journey Sales also created snappy 30-second videos about Smart Room analytics featuressales team benefits, and what their customers’ customers get out of it. These are deployed in the company’s own SmartRoom and YouTube Channel. There’s an “Executive Overview” on the SalesForce AppExchange and JourneySales website. It re-uses some animation from others in the bundle. That’s one reason these packages are surprisingly cost-effective.