Differentiator video. One thing to remember you by.

How do you differentiate your technology solution? Make a list? That’s what most marketers do, according to Gartner distinguished analyst Hank Barnes. But tech buyers don’t respond to these laundry lists. Give prospects one thing to remember you by is Hank’s prescription.  Spotlight your differentiator by comparing it to something the prospect knows. Hmmm. Shining a light. Making a comparison. Sounds like a job for a “differentiator video.” 

A new way to develop your video content strategy

Of course, there’s no “differentiator video” in the vocabulary of most marketers. But let’s ignore the usual categories and concentrate on the things video is good at.  Certainly one of them is commanding short attention spans long enough to put across one thing. And video is good at is making comparisons.  

Differentiator video for mainframe software tools

Differentiator video comparing two styles of source code maintenance for mainframe applications.

Explainer videos can be differentiator videos. Compuware, for example, has made numerous webinar-style videos comparing their source code manager to the competition’s. The explainer video here summarizes them in two minutes.

You could build a large content library stocked with much shorter differentiator videos. Especially for social media sharing, they would need a catchy title in the first frame (and poster frame).  But beyond that, if your make your one point of comparison memorable, you win.

Why differentiator videos work

The big advantage of this “one thing” approach is that it’s pretty easy to do. It’s not like producing product-oriented video, where there are always tough decisions to make on what gets included and what gets left out. The more features and benefits you enumerate, the less likely they are to be remembered.  

But what if you are communicating just one thing that you know prospects can recognize as a differentiator? If you’re right about the differentiator, you can hardly go wrong on the video. You’ve eliminated the what-do-we-talk-about decisions. You can focus on creative decisions. How do we frame the comparison for the viewer? What memorable words and visuals should we use?

And because your video is short and narrowly focused, you can deploy it to different target audiences in different campaigns and channels. Differentiator videos could make a big difference in your content marketing strategy.