Increase engagement with video case studies

Enterprise software solutions buying team members are likely to include IT, functional users, finance, operations, and others.

Technology Solutions are purchased by buying groups, not by individuals.

These group members spend more than 80% of their time researching on their own, talking with each other, and not talking to your sales team.

Short videos that speak knowledgeably about familiar use cases are sure to catch a buyer’s interest.

This video features composite characters speaking knowledgeably about real issues. In writing the script, we found their words in the stories of real customers in published use-cases.

There are several advantages to this creative approach.

  • Authenticity
  • New interviews and fact-finding aren’t needed
  • Stories from people facing the same problems resonate with customers
  • Sales can use excerpts to reach out to target personas

It’s an especially affordable approach to video production because it’s based on published content. And, since it requires less research and discussion, production is faster than a new product video.

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