Best practices for social media video

While most B2B video viewing continues to take place on desktops, B2B companies still need to discuss their solutions in social media. Video generally rules the day in social media, but not in the standard TV formats everyone is used to. Social media platforms, human attention spans, and user preferences demand new “best practices” that may differ from how you’re currently producing and distributing video.

1. Best video format: square

Square (or vertical) video looks better on social platforms, and fills more of the screen (almost 80% more) as viewers scroll their newsfeeds. Most users prefer to hold their phones vertically, which may explain why the social media management platform Buzzfeed reports that the square video format gets 30-50% more views and 80-100% more engagement.

2. Upload directly to Facebook

Direct uploads to Facebook get preferred treatment by Facebook’s search algorithm. So “native” video out-performs links to videos on YouTube and Instagram by about 2X.

3. Don’t be subtle. Subtitle.

Rethink video. TechBizVideo Kinetic Text Link

Kinetic text can bring a simple message to life.

Almost all (up to 85%) of autoplay videos play silently. Subtitles, or captions, can make a big difference in how much of your message gets across. It’s remarkably easy and inexpensive, to add professional-quality captions. Or, use a lot of kinetic text.

4. 3-second rule

C’mon — you know what mobile social media attention spans are like. You’ve got about three seconds to capture attention. A good thumbnail title screen can certainly help get the viewer to pause scrolling.

5. A reason to watch.

Beyond the 3-second mark, you want the viewer to watch with the expectation that there’s something in it for them. A provocative question, an eye-catching visual, just a friendly face can all get things off to a good start. So can the accompanying text.

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