How to tell a video sales story (Pt 3)

how to tell a video sales storyThis is the third of a series of posts on how to tell a video sales story. Here’s where to see Part 1 and Part 2

How to tell a video sales story? At one time or another, everyone who has ever had a job has probably wished “to bring about a major change in the organization.” According to this OpenView B2B Buyer Insight survey, it’s one of the main reasons buyers reach out to salespeople, and one that many salespeople fail to take into account.

Obviously, this is a motivation that should be taken seriously by solution sellers, because just about every software solution promises to effect a major change — higher performance, better security, increased customer satisfaction, better user experience, and so forth.

You seldom see an explainer video that addresses this motivation directly, but we’ve made a few.

“Here’s something you can change right now” (vs. “Here’s what we can do for you”)

how to tell a video sales story

An opportunity for ambitious government agencies who want to make a difference.

Here’s an example intended to appeal to would-be game changers in government who want to increase citizen engagement. It assumes right from the outset that the viewer is an IT executive motivated to bring about change, and demonstrates the straightforward, yet innovative, Software AG AgileApps live solution for governments (there is a UK version, too).

Did you know about this opportunity for change?

Any time you’ve got a solution most people in the organization don’t know they need, you have a big challenge, and an opportunity to reach out to the innovators who want to “bring about a major change.” While there are untold numbers of listicles published in blogs and elsewhere on the web devoted to “However-many-things-I-can-think-of that you’re doing wrong” (and I’m a sucker for these), you don’t see this approach used in marketing videos very often.

Here’s an informative video about opportunities for significant change in the way virtual machines are deployed. Again, the structure is quite straightforward: here’s something you may not have thought about — and here’s a solution (“densification”) you may not have known about.

This video was created for the recent VMWorld conference and exhibition, which is why it contains more text than usual, and no spoken narration. The value proposition is framed to appeal to go-getter managers of data center and cloud infrastructure who may not know this optimization opportunity.

Opportunity for procedural change

Here’s a marketing video about an insurance solution that starts out by acknowledging that the opportunity under consideration may have been overlooked because, like everything else in the insurance portfolio, it’s overshadowed by the cost of healthcare insurance.

But the solution is unusual — and takes very little work to implement.

The opportunity here is for change in what is not usually a high-profile activity but the change in how it’s done will be quite noticeable.

Opportunity for highly visible change

It’s not often that an IT solution can effect a highly visible — physical — change. CompuCom recently introduced their upgrade to traditional IT services, the “Solution Café” — walk-up service for company employees along the lines of what they would get at an Apple store.

There are two videos. The first describes the opportunity for general management in terms of enabling employees to be more productive by making it easier for them to keep the multiple devices they work with working better.

The opportunity for a highly visible change in IT Service management — from the executive management point of view.

The second video looks at the opportunity from the IT executive’s point of view. Many IT managers understandably view the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) trend as a problem and a security risk. The video presents the Solution Café as a way of turning the problem into an opportunity for significant change — better IT-business alignment, and a chance to effect a little more policy enforcement, too.

The opportunity for a highly visible change in IT Service management — from the IT executive point of view.

Video Bundle Opportunity

Speaking of opportunities, the example above represents the advantage of a “Bundle” approach to marketing videos. Recognizing that more than one decision-maker is likely to be in on the decision to explore something as innovative as their Solution Café, CompuCom marketing executives opted to “explain” two rather different value propositions for business management and IT management. Here’s where you can read more about our Buyer’s Journey Video Bundles.