A cheap and easy way to share customized videos

Personalized interactive video for sales

Hello <<First Name>>

Since everyone started spending so much time participating in online meetings, these meetings have gotten much better, with collaborative and project management tools, comfy virtual rooms, whiteboards, polls, and presentation tools.

The app mmhmm has introduced a tool with features that make it easier to use video in online meetings, and to repurpose your online presentation as a customer-friendly interactive video.

  • For the meeting, you have a tray of “slides” at your disposal, from which you can pick and choose on the fly.
  • A “slide” can contain text, images, video clips, apps running on your phone, or other show-and-tell assets
  • You can make the presentation with a teammate, sharing the same set of “slides.”
  • You don’t need to “share screen.” You’re already sharing whatever you see — yourself, yourself plus a “slide.” or a “slide” full screen.
  • You can share a recorded version of the entire presentation. The viewer can view the presentation just as they would a slide deck — skipping to the parts they care about.

It’s a pretty easy way to create an interactive video, and a good way to share expertise within your own organization.

Even cheaper and easier interactive video

Did you know that your videos on YouTube have transcripts that can be used to navigate in the video? Viewers can access the transcript by clicking the horizontal ellipsis icon (3-dots) to the right of the save button below the video. YouTube generates transcripts from its own auto-generated captions, or from subtitles you added yourself. Try it yourself — it’s a great convenience when you need to revisit part of a video tutorial.

That’s it for now. Stay well.

Bruce McKenzie & Lorna Pautzke