Beyond Live Meetings

How much should a video cost?

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We’re not actually going to answer that question — of course “it depends!”  But it depends more than anything else the creative effort involved in the visual style you choose. Here’s a resource that shows 12 explainer video animation styles in order of creative cost. The most stylish style takes about four times as much effort as the simplest.

Keep the conversation going

For enterprise solution providers pitching products, upgrades, add-ons, and services to IT departments, the purpose of video is to get people to consume more information (e.g., download a white paper), not to drive orders. Short videos are a great way to provide more information as a followup to an online meeting.

For example, suppose your online meeting is structured around a software demo. And, to vary the pace, you’ve cleverly broken up the demo into interesting stories about how easy it is to accomplish one task or another (as opposed to a recitation of product features).

This gives your sales team an opportunity to follow up immediately, with

  • a summary of key points in the video
  • responses to any comments or questions raised in the online meeting,
  • and, most important, a link to the video that can be shared in the customer’s organization.

It’s a good way to reach out with worthwhile videos that are easy to share, and won’t be seen as a commercial interruption.

Pro Tip for MacBook and iOS users

If you’re a MacBook and iOS user working in online meetings, take a look at the Camo app. Even the free version lets you significantly improve your online appearance by making it easy to use the excellent video camera in your iPhone or iPad in place of the mediocre webcam in your MacBook.


Speaking of animation, here’s a historical take on The 100 Sequences That Shaped Animation

Stay well.

Bruce McKenzie & Lorna Pautzke