Videos that make the buyer’s job easier

If the decision whether or not to commit to your technology solution comes from a buying team, you want to make sure each team member is getting positive takeaways from your online content. But team members have different concerns

  • IT execs want to see architecture diagrams, security and compliance specifics, and interoperability.
  • Business stakeholders and functional users want to see real-world workflows and use cases.
  • Finance wants to see how the promised ROI and cost reductions are achieved.
  • The project sponsor wants to see how you’ll help them get buy-in across the organization.

Sure, you can address all of these issues to good advantage in videos, but who gets priority? And what about the viewer who sees nothing of interest in the first 60 seconds? How long will they hang on wondering how you handle their big issue?

Make the buyer’s job easier. Invest in short videos that start with something that the viewer wants to know about, rather a single video that tells them how you define your solution.

GIFs for you

GIFs are used to surprise and amuse us all, but they’re rarely used to explain technology solution concepts. It’s cheap and easy to turn any interesting video snippet — a step-by-step process, for example — into a GIF and insert it into an email. Here are some tips and best practices from ConstantContact and MailChimp.


Online AI-enabled tools like Gamma offer an attractive way to organize resources and help guide buyers to the information they are looking for. Gamma’s output is a deck of “cards” containing editable blocks. That may sound like PowerPoint, but you won’t need to spend much time tweaking fonts or resizing and aligning objects. Instead, using Gamma’s text-based editor, you can easily assemble decks containing text, images, videos, tables, diagrams, and other content into attractive and well-organized packages for different audiences.That’s all for now.

Bruce McKenzie & Lorna Pautzke