Generating Interest vs Furthering Understanding

Gartner reports that more than 80% of today’s buying journey is taken up with independent research and buying group discussions. While a single piece of content like a video might be enough to generate interest, you need a lot of followup content to satisfy decision-makers who want to understand how the solution will work in their environment.

A new way to organize content

Online tools like Gamma offer an attractive way to organize your resources and help guide buyers to the information they’re looking for. The output is a deck of “cards” containing editable blocks. Blocks can contain images, gifs, videos, tables, diagrams — and lots more.

That may sound a little like PowerPoint, but using Gamma’s text-based editor, you won’t need to spend much of your time tweaking fonts and aligning objects. The AI enables you to produce a professional-looking product as you focus on the content.

Flexible, skim-able, expandable, interactive, and shareable. Each card can be sized to fit the topic neatly, with optional levels of detail. Headlines and subjects can be toggled to reveal more information. Cards can be nested for deeper dives. Footnotes provide even more context. Card decks can be presented by a speaker or shared with email or social media.

AI assistance. Gamma AI tools help with outlining and writing, typographic elements, and creating charts like Venn diagrams. AI helps you incorporate your own images, videos, white papers and other content. And it helps you find new images from outside sources.

Personalization. Breaking down your subject into interactive chunks personalizes the buyer’s experience. And any deck you make an be reworked for different roles on the buying team, different industries, or target audience, to increase personalization.

Better use of video

People like learning from videos. But it can be hard for a researcher with limited time to judge in advance whether a video is worth spending time on. If you’re organizing content for “buyer enablement,” you’ll want bite-size videos that show

  • Animations of machines and processes
  • Tours of hardware, software and facilities
  • Stories of real customer cases
  • Subject matter expert insights

Fortunately, most companies will be able to repurpose excerpts from existing videos, which increases the ROI of those videos.

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Bruce McKenzie & Lorna Pautzke