3 video tactics for your sales strategy

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Where digital selling prevails, video is arguably the best form of sales communication, according top-performing sales professionalsneuroscience, and common sense. Here are three key tactics for a video strategy that could boost your sales team’s performance.

The cadence

Sales cadences for new prospects typically use 6 to 20 messages. It’s rare to see more than two videos in the mix. An opportune tactic would be to add videos to the cadence by growing your library of concise videos about use cases, specific product features, competitive advantages and differentiators. These are things prospects want to learn about — but maybe not in the form of yet another text-heavy email.

Show. Don’t tell.

If you’re explaining software that makes it easy to do something that your prospect is struggling with, a sound tactic is to let people see for themselves what the software in can do. An animated GIF in an email can deliver a lot of bang for the buck.

Tacking on.

There’s no need to create elaborate videos to get your point across. Sales team members can create simple video messages to tack on to other content — videos, white papers, blog posts, etc. The word “video” in the subject increases opens, so make sure it’s there. You can increase clicks with an attractive thumbnail that clearly tells the prospect what they’ll learn by clicking thelink..

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Bruce McKenzie & Lorna Pautzke