Can AI make technology solution videos from your text?

Yes it can. You should try it.

Generative AI’s ability to create visuals based on detailed natural language text input is astonishing. Hollywood-style special effects like, say, an explosion in the desert, can be summoned by typing “an explosion in the desert.”

Bruce’s latest article in Biznology describes his attempt to turn an online article of his into a video using the Pictory app, which is (per Bing AI 🙂 ) “the best service for turning text into video.” Here’s what he found:

1) It’s definitely worth a try.
2) Limited functionality makes it easy to learn.
3) Unfortunately, text-to-video doesn’t replace the text with video; it overlays the text, like a title, on a visual background you select (video, photo, or graphic).
4) Consequently, unless your subject is, itself, visual (e.g., an explosion in the desert), viewers will need to understand the text and simultaneously decode other visuals. That can lead to mental fatigue pretty quickly.
5) In other words, it’s not likely to fulfill Pictory’s promise to “easily convert blog posts into stunning videos.”

“Editing” a video with this service means stringing together a series of snippets. The service provides access to tons of stock footage and goofy gifs to pep things up, and you can upload your own images and video. The best sales/marketing applications for this app today are short videos — announcements, teasers, and lively graphics for online publications. Trying to shape a video to explain a complex concept persuasively is going to be frustrating.

Great for subtitles and transcripts.

We should mention that Pictory is good at producing subtitles/transcripts automatically. That’s the easiest way to add value to any video for SEO, hearing-impaired viewers, and people whose first language is not the one used in the video.

AI thinks these video services are worth a look

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Gartner’s 2023 Global Software Buying Trends is worth a look [free download]. Here are three findings relevant to content strategy (video and otherwise)
•    81% of B2B buyers prefer digital channels to face-to-face encounters
•    63% of B2B buyers disregard content that is not personalized to their interests, needs, industry, or role
•    More than 80% of the buying journey it taken up with independent research and buying group discussions

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Bruce McKenzie & Lorna Pautzke