Making Videos Your Customers Value

Research tells us that 95% of B2B buyers watch videos, especially product reviews and demos, before they make their purchase decisions. The “most valuable” content for buyers researching B2B purchases in another report (video wasn’t included) is research reports, case studies, and webinars. These finding suggest that some non-traditional video types that should be highly valued by customers.

1. Use-cases “based on a true story”

Use details from actual customer case studies and testimonials as the basis of videos featuring composite characters who represent your target personas. Here’s an example we created.

2. A demo that tells a story

If the subject matter experts delivering your demos are telling stories about real-life use cases and problems solved, it’s not especially difficult to turn a recorded video into a professionally narrated storytelling video with simple graphics that clarify and simplify the story.

3. Make your valuable videos easy to find and navigate

If video is important to your customer’s online product research, you’ll want  make sure its value is clear in their Google search results. Here are two excellent resources for learning how to do that with key moments snippets and timestamp links.

That’s all for now.

Bruce McKenzie & Lorna Pautzke