Which types of videos engage software buyers?

The single most important variable in your marketing strategy is “the breadth and depth of your content,” according to a report on the content preferences of business and IT decision-makers released by NetLine, NologyState of B2B Marketing for Global Tech [download link].

Asked to name their favorite topics (and lengths) for videos, decision-makers responded

  • Advice or tutorials (actionable takeaways)  4–5 mins
  • Product information  2–3 mins
  • Real-world scenarios / case studies 3–4 mins
  • Research summaries. 2–3 mins
  • Trends and predictions. 2–3 mins

Decision-makers also like getting product information from webinars, especially when there are several speakers, not just one. 30-60 minutes is the preferred length for webinars. Note that any live webinar should be edited prior publishing the recorded version, for length, and to get rid of the irrelevant stuff, like instructions for submitting questions.

Pro tip: For the recorded webinar, delete the host’s speaker introductions. You can present more informative and impressive speaker bios in the text surrounding the video on your website or other hosting platform


Gartner’s 2023 Global Software Buying Trends is worth a look [free download]. Here are three findings relevant to content strategy (video and otherwise)
•    81% of B2B buyers prefer digital channels to face-to-face encounters
•    63% of B2B buyers disregard content that is not personalized to their interests, needs, industry, or role
•    More than 80% of the buying journey it taken up with independent research and buying group discussions

That’s all for now.

Bruce McKenzie & Lorna Pautzke