Digital selling with video

Don’t ignore these emerging trends

Hello <<First Name>>

1. Stories within stories

Explainer videos, especially those with stories and characters, can be a rich source of attention-grabbing excerpts and teasers that can carry the messages to a wider audience. You can break the story into parts, without narration, simply by adding titles. If the story revolves around appealing characters, you can turn them into animated gifs of brand spokespeople.

2. Prerecorded inserts in live streams

20% of Facebook videos are live streams — and so is a Zoom meeting. Viewers respond to the authenticity of “live” streams, even in recorded versions of the live event that run after it’s over. But even professional performers — late night hosts, for example — use prerecorded segments (e.g., fake commercials, staged interviews) to enliven the viewer’s experience. In a webinar, for example, you need a live presenter, but prerecorded contributions from subject matter experts or software demos are likely to benefit from editing.

3. Video meetings are here to stay

Businesses have become so dependent on Zoom, Google Meet, and similar video platforms, that “Zoom Fatigue” has entered the language as an ailment common to all of them.  Most observers expect these platforms to continue to replace many in-person business meetings even after things return to post-pandemic “normal.” Zoom’s excellent Mindful Meeting Checklist (free pdf) can help you guard against Zoom Fatigue.

That’s it for now. Stay well.

Bruce McKenzie & Lorna Pautzke