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Video trends in technology solution

selling in 2022

Here are three trends we anticipate will become trendier in 2022.1. Interactive video

Possibly the slowest-arriving video trend, ballyhooed for more than a decade, has been interactive video for B2B sales and marketing.

You probably haven’t given interactive video much thought at all, unless you’re involved in training. But you’ll still be doing a lot of it. After all, online interactions are interactive video, and they’re getting even more interactive with tools like chat, non-verbal feedback, polling, hand-raising, on-screen annotation, and breakout rooms.

And you’ll see them becoming even livelier as participants level up by dropping engaging video animations into online sales presentations. Nothing beats video for explaining key processes and new product features.

2. Video messaging

Video messaging is better than email, especially when you can successfully deliver an Aha moment by walking the recipient through a concept or a process with visuals.

The visuals can be diagrams, video snips, even something you draw on a white board. To make and share video message recordings takes some practice, but not a lot of technical equipment or video experience. You can leverage video creation tools built into Windows, MacOS, or online meeting software. Specialized video messaging platforms with more options for creation and sharing (e.g. Loommmhmm) offer free trials.

3. Search-optimized Videos

You’ve probably noticed that the top results you see in your consumer searches are apt to be videos with chapter titles and timings. Labeling B2B video content and detailing what’s in each segment can work for B2B, too.

4. Motion Graphics Trends

Envato, a big supplier of creative assets (stock video, photos, etc.) annually publishes interesting takes on creative trends. This year’s roundup of trending motion graphics styles predicts that you’ll be seeing more of these styles in 2022:

Animated Collage
Kinetic Typography
Isometric Shapes
Grain Effects & Texture
Liquid Motion

Have a great 2022.Bruce McKenzie & Lorna Pautzke