Re-using video assets for targeted content marketing

Product enhancement announcements

Midway through 2017, Ipswitch needed to get the word out on recent product enhancements prior to several industry conferences. These videos served as product introductions and invitations for targeted audiences.

Re-introducing Ipswitch 2017. Overview of mid-year capabilities enhancements

Expanded options for interoperability

New Managed File Transfer capabilities


Link to Ipswitch 2-Minute Explainer

Videos were looped together for use at trade shows.


No-narration “silent” versions

This video describes the features of Quantum’s versatile StorNext multi-tiered architecture that make it especially suitable for scientific and technical computing.

This is a shorter version of Quantum StorNext 2-Minute Explainer video without narration

2-Minute Explainer overview of Brocade G620 switch describes the problems it solves, and how it solves them

This music-only version of the Brocade G620 explainer video skips the “problem setup.” It dives right into product information.