2-Minute Explainer® videos are high-level overviews designed to motivate buyers to take action

Solution overviews with multiple uses

Tech buyers are looking for insight and trying to pare down their options, doing research on their own. They tend to resist being marketed to.

Good writing is the key to videos that are just as long as they need to be in order to

  1. Give the viewer an idea of how the solution addresses their problem
  2. Demonstrate at least one memorable differentiator
  3. Persuade the viewer to learn more by seeking out more content, signing up for a demo, or taking some other action

Our company trademarked “2-Minute Explainer” in 2004. Since then, we’ve written and produced many other kinds of videos for technology solution providers.

2-Minute Explainer videos by Technology Business Video

What’s different about the Technology Business Video approach to 2-Minute (and shorter) Explainer Videos

What is an Internet Exchange?

DE-CIX provides premium interconnection services from carrier and data center neutral Internet Exchanges in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and North America. This 2-Minute Explainer video provides an introduction to Internet Exchange services and performance advantages for different types of organizations.

link to DE-CIX What is an Internet Exchange

For secure high-performance connections to cloud providers, bypass the public internet

How to deliver real-time AI and HPC

The architecture of Groq’s Tensor Streaming Processor is widely recognized as revolutionary for delivering unprecedented low latency and performance for artificial intelligence and high performance computing. We teamed up with Groq engineers to explain how it works.

Video link Groq TSP Architecture

Radically innovative processor for AI, machine learning, and HPC.

Optimizing cloud cost and performance

As fundamental as they are to today’s IT infrastructure, cloud operations and services amass a surprising amount of wasted capacity and unneeded operating costs. This video explains how that happens, and how Densify analytics precisely determine the right cloud instance or container resources for every workload to reduce waste and ensure performance.

How to control and optimize resources for apps in the Cloud.

Overview of unique technical features

Marvell Universal RDMA The product page where this video resides is clearly designed for people who are searching for detailed technical information. The video delivers a high-level overview — a visual executive summary — with a low-key, informative, pitch.

The video is prominently placed, but in a way the marks it out as informational rather than promotional. (Click image to view.)

Overview of a disruptive business model

Resonant WaveX Synthesized Networks. RF filters are essential components of wireless devices. This video explains how Resonant is disrupting the supply chain with new chip design processes.

Disruptive business model for wireless industry RF filter design and manufacturing. (Click image to view.)