Addressing buying team members

Increase engagement with closely targeted messages

Technology solutions are purchased by buying groups, not by individuals. And group members are spending more than 80% of their time researching on their own and talking with each other — not talking to your sales team. These buyers are drawn to credible, informative content that is relevant to their job.

Enterprise software solutions buying team members are likely to include IT, functional users, finance, operations, and others. Short videos that speak directly to a buyer about use cases they are familiar with catch their interest.

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How to create a credible video based on published use cases. This is an affordable approach that will resonate with different buying team members

“Based on a true story” video. Buying team members describe their outstanding experience working with a solution provider.

Targeting several job roles in IT

Cisco needed to rebrand its Workload Automation solution (formerly Tidal Enterprise Scheduler) and update the messaging for new opportunities and applications in big data and cloud environments. In each case, the company wanted to emphasize two major benefits: 1) end-to-end coverage and 2) simplicity of the user interface, a major differentiator.

Cisco Workload Automation Integration Buyer's Journey Video Bundle example

For data center operations/architects. Enterprise workload scheduling across cloud and data center platforms.

Cisco Big Data Buyer's Journey Video Bundle example

For big data specialists. integrating Hadoop jobs into enterprise workload scheduling.

Cisco Workload Automation overview Buyer's Journey Video Bundle Example

Overview. enterprise-wide workload scheduling made simple.

Videos targeting different corporate departments

A leading “Visionary” in the Gartner I.T. Service Management category, Axios is expanding the application of their popular assyst® platform to Enterprise Service Management. Their videos are designed to help IT champion the extension of the platform, and to help other departments understand how they can automate repetitive tasks and replace high-maintenance home-grown solutions with ITIL-compliant cloud solutions.

Link to 2-Minute Explainer video bundle example (Axios)

For the HR department. Automating delivery of routine HR services

Link to 2-Minute Explainer video bundle example (Axios)

For the corporate finance department. Automated service delivery to increase efficiency of typical processes like purchase orders, budgets, etc.

Link to 2-Minute Explainer video bundle example

For facilities and security. Automating delivery of common services such as reserving a conference room or contracting with physical security vendors

Link to 2-Minute Explainer video bundle example (Axios)

Overview. How the assyst ITSM Platform extends and automates common processes across the Enterprise.