Videos for account-based marketing

Increasing engagement with target accounts

There’s certainly nothing new about the idea of “key accounts” — important customers getting special treatment. But marketing automation has energized account-based marketing with new ways to increase engagement with new kinds of content.

Consider the influential “flipped funnel” ABM model devised by Sangram Vajre, CMO of Terminus. It’s clear that increasing engagement calls for a library of responsive content, including video. You can use videos to enhance landing pages, videos that target specific buyer categories, videos that quickly answer buyer concerns.

And if you produce shareable videos, and videos that encourage conversation, they’ll contribute to a customer experience that turns buyers into advocates — and keeps your account-based marketing program on the high road.

Flipped funnel Account-Based Marketing model

“Flipped funnel” account-based marketing model by Sangram Vajre. The stages are:

  • Identify. Who are your best-fit customers? Who would benefit most from your product or service?
  • Expand. Find out exactly who are the right people to engage
  • Engage. Get the right content out on the right channel. Not just video — case studies, graphics, landing pages, email, social media
  • Advocate. If you do the engagement right, you’ve got relationships you can build on.

Keeping customers up to date

A leader in enterprise storage networks, Brocade enables customers to upgrade network technology without rip-and-replace.

Brocade’s informative videos explain how new features and technology upgrades overcome specific issues customers are struggling with.

This video explains how small decreases in performance by a single misbehaving device — application server or file server — can slow down an entire data center, and how Brocade’s technology attacks the problem.

This video helps explain how new storage technology can increases visibility and speed up troubleshooting in virtualized infrastructure.

Link to Bro AMP

This video engages technically savvy customers with a quick demo of how several specific virtualized infrastructure issues can be be detected and resolved.

Introducing new business models

For most businesses today, engaging with customers through multiple online channels is critical. Axway is growing business with their base of B2B integration customers with a new platform that supports “Customer Experience Networks.” Here are three examples from a series of videos describing platform features and their relevance to specific industries.

Link to Axway Amplify 2-Minute Explainer video

This video explains how the Axway AMPLIFY platform extends the reach of customer experience networks. It introduces the main components and capabilities.

This video focuses on the role of embedded and predictive analytics in the platform.

Link to Axway 2-Minute Explainer video

This video explains how Axway’s solution fosters “patient experience networks” for healthcare enterprises.