What do Technology Business Video customers say?

The 2-Minute Explainer is, by far, the most important piece of marketing collateral we have. The 2-Minute Explainer is especially important for our prospects when they are trying to explain what we do to other people inside their company.


20% of visitors to our web site view the 2-Minute Explainer. It continues to be referenced by our customers and prospects who say things like ‘I came to your web site and saw your 2-min explainer and picked up the phone halfway through.’

Director, Product Marketing

We took it to a trade show and it stopped traffic. It’s eye catching, compelling, and easy to understand. It’s the best single piece of marketing material we have.

Director of Marketing

Gives us a powerful and consistent sales message that accurately and succinctly conveys the benefits. Plus, the professional look and feel of the 2-minute demo really sets us apart from our competitors.

Director of Technology

The 2-Minute Explainer is our preferred introduction for people who are new to BPM. As soon as people see it, they understand how business process management adds value to their organization.

Marketing Manager

When I showed them the prototype, our salespeople stood up and cheered!-Director of Marketing

Product Manager

For pennies per prospect, the 2-Minute Explainer is our best sales person working 24/7 to get our message across to thousands of people all over the world.